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(previously Having Cancer is Hilarious)

A One-Woman Show by Megan Timpane

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Lymphomaniac is a true story about a 22 year old actress who finds out she has Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is faced with 6 months of chemotherapy. Despite the misfortune of her diagnosis, she defeats her cancer and recounts some of the funniest moments and important lessons that came about during her treatment.





"...Excellent impersonations... she really becomes [the characters]"

"Survivor brings on laughs in 'Having Cancer is Hilarious!"-SF Examiner



“Side-splittingly funny. Poignant.”

“Watch her strut her gifted stuff.”-Marin Scope

"5 STARS- I LOVED IT! If you, or a loved one or an acquaintance is fighting cancer or a serious medical condition, I recommend this play as laughter is medicine. Cancer is a subject that many are uncomfortable with , though many will be touched by cancer. I appreciate Megan's talent and courage to write and star in this play. I hope she will get a wide audience. Thank you Megan." - Anonymous (Gold Star)

"NAMBA Performing Arts Space As a Producer of projects at Namba Performing Arts Space, I am constantly approached by artists,playwrights artists, musicians and choreographers to presents their various endeavors at our unique venue in Downtown Ventura. I don't recall how I was introduced to this project but once I heard the title, "Having Cancer is Hilarious" I was intrigued. I took a chance and immediately invited Megan to perform her one-woman show sight unseen. I didn't regret it. This brave young woman truly made the best of a bad situation and converted a life threatening illness into a mesmerizing and truly entertaining even of theater. Her background in improv acting (Groundlings, etc.) gave her a support system that allowed her to tap into the realities of an experience that is at the apex of personalizing. As William Esper of the Neighborhood Playhouse said to me once, "If it isn't personal, what is it?" Thus, with more courage than most people have in their little finger, Megan dove head first into confronting her own mortality with the conviction of the Light Brigade. The result is an inspiring, entertaining and most of all an evening of pure courage. If anyone knows someone (and I'm sure we all do) who has had to deal with the fear of this horrible disease, this show is a must see on how to survive, at least on a day to day basis. And who knows, maybe laughter is the wonder drug and cure all?"

-John Hammil, NAMBA Performing Arts Space


"There are people who do characters. There are people who do voices. But very few can do what Megan Timpane does. And what she does is instantly, dynamically metamorph. With the flick of a vocal cord she can become... well anyone. This kind of mecurial transformation has been relegated to master's like John Legizamo, Whoopi Goldberg, Eddie Murphy and Sarah Jones. That caliber. But awaken Hollywood and Broadway - this young woman has the full scope --  the complete depth to tackle comedy and drama effortlessly. Not that she isn't putting in effort but that it comes readily easy to her because... it's who she is. And what she is - is an absolute beast of a talent in the kindest sense of the word. I will caution her as I was cautioned many years ago.  She needs to focus on doing her own leading work. Not too many artists are going to allow her to steal the show and blow up on their clock, their stage. Again. She is... an absolute beast."

-Don Reed
HBO/Snap Judgment/NBC streaming comedy series "Bartlett" with producers and talent from HAMILTON

Megan at NAMBA Performing Arts Space in Ventura, CA
Megan with comedian/solo-performer Don Reed 

"Who knew Megan Timpane's one woman show Having Cancer Is Hilarious would actually be.... hilarious? Her dead-on impressions and infectious energy lead one to believe this is just the tip of the iceberg for Timpane. With uncanny storytelling ability, Megan somehow manages to mix heartbreak, education, and humor in the most effective of ways. The show started up in San Francisco and seems to be working its way down the coast. If Megan Timpane is playing in a city near you... or not near you... do yourself a favor and go. You'll learn a little. And you'll laugh a lot."

-Jeff Gelber, Writer/Producer

HCIC Performance at The Marsh, San Francisco 


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Check our HCIC's shoutout on Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Greater Bay Area Chapter

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A portion of the show's proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. If you would like to contribute, please visit the

Having Cancer is Hilarious Donation Page.

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