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About me

"My barn having burned down, I can now see the moon." -Mizuta Masahide


My whole life I dreamed of being a film actress. I studied acting at UCLA and Oxford and after I graduated, I was living in Los Angeles as an aspiring actress...WHAT'S SO DIFFERENT ABOUT THAT?

At age 22, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I completed treatment at UCSF, where I was surrounded the best support system anyone could ask for. 

Having cancer definitely changed my outlook on life. While I'd like to think I am not defined by it, it definitely shaped me into a better person and gave me a new perspective on life.

Since my clear scan back at the end of 2014, I wrote directed, produced and performed a One-Woman Show, Lymphomaniac based on my experience with cancer...and it was a COMEDY!

After the show, I realized my relationship with acting had changed. I still loved to act, but I no longer wanted acting to be my lifelong career. 

I searched for a career that enabled me to use my communication skills, my passion to develop others and speak publicly.


I am grateful to say that I found all of those things in my current profession as a Corporate Trainer. 

While my career turned out to be different than expected, I love my job and truly feel like I've found my calling. I still do everything I love on the side; I act, I model, and I do voiceover work for a children's show in three languages. During non-Covid times I even play on 3 basketball teams!

If there is anything I've learned from my life and my experiences, it's that life throws you curveballs. You could be healthy one minute, sick the next or you could end up changing careers entirely!

So my advice to grateful, have compassion and most importantly...KEEP LAUGHING!




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